By Mail

You may send checks or money orders to:

KFHL Headquarters
PO Box 107 

Keene, TX 76059

Online* by Credit, Debit, or Paypal

Click this button to make a one-time or monthly donation:

∗ Due to online service fees charged us, please observe
a $5 minimum for 
online donations.  Thank you.



If a PayPal error says that the donation has been declined, please wait a few minutes and try again.  It is likely not a rejection of your card, but could be due to:

  • an updated limit (for non-PayPal members)
  • technical difficulties within their system

If you receive the message again, you may prefer to use the mailing address shown above.

Feel free to call us for more information:
817-645-2226 or 800-617-9673

Thank you for donating!

May the Lord bless you.

Station Partner Monthly Giving:

PartnersAs a Station Partner, you provide ongoing support to our station with a regular monthly gift. It's simple. Each month, your contribution is transferred from your credit card or bank account to KFHL. You can suspend your gift amount at any time by logging into your PayPal account.

Station Partner monthly gifts guarantee KFHL regular and predictable funds, allowing us to plan ahead, and to make solid commitments to new and current projects. Since we know we can count on receiving your support every month, we are able to decrease the expenses of our fundraising and put more of our money into our programming and special projects.


Monthly Needs

Electricity ($1,600):

EletricityElectricity is a large monthly cost for our radio station, running about $1,600 a month. Please consider signing up for a recurring donation so that you can help us pay for the electricity to stay on the air.  It would only take 32 people giving $50 a month to have our entire electricity bill covered every month.

You can change the amount you would like to give after clicking donate and going to the next screen.

Tower Rental ($800.00):

Tower RentalTower rental fees are another large monthly cost at $800.00 a month. But with just 16 people giving $50 a month, this bill would be covered every month.

Internet and Phone Connections ($150.00):

Phone and InternetOur communication lines for internet and phone run $150.00 and are a vital part of keeping the station on the air. Just 3 people giving $50 a month would cover this cost every month.

Misc Expenses Including Engineers, Equipment, Repairs, etc ($3,000):

MiscellaneousOur largest cost every month is related to the day-to-day running of a high-tech radio station. This includes such things as paying engineers, buying new expensive equipment, and repairs to existing equipment.  And, of course, the large number of other day-to-day things that keep a radio station on the air. For this, our total cost is about $3,000 a month.  If only 60 people sign up to give $50 a month, that would cover this entire cost.



Studio (not for mail): 2600 Kenwood Rd / Bakersfield, CA